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    Things that hurt my eyes the most and seem to make my eyesight deteriorate faster:




    Coffee and coke (make my eyesight blurry).

    Things that seem to make my eyes feel better:

    Green tea;


    Lack of sleep;

    When I read (starting at the screen) for hours, I feel that I can read my easier. Probably I just train my brain better in that way.

    When I relax (or take a vacation) after days (or weeks) of hard work, my eyes become much worse: cannot read well, pain, and feeling of swelling.


    My timeline:

    Before teens: occasional small red spots at the center of vision in both eyes, “tides” of different colors. Both noticeable only when it’s dark or when I close my eyes. Night blindness.

    From about 10: floaters in both eyes.

    15: went to see an ophthalmologist. Diagnosed as “macular degeneration”.

    28: started having small blind spots around the center in my left eye.  I started having small blurred areas at the center of my right eye.

    30: Vision loss in my right eye. Pain in both eyes. Photophobia.

    Continuous vision loss in both eyes since then.

    32: Sudden increment of floaters.

    39: Occasional flashes in both eyes. Blackout when standing up.  whole eyesight covered with a light blue “cloud”.

    41: Legally blind.

    42 (current): very limited central vision.  All symptoms mentioned above. Severe pain in both eyes.

    in reply to: BCD Misdiagnosis #1561

    I was self-disguised. I got my Fundus photos from one of my eye doctors. I Googled something like “images of the retina, crystals, retinal degeneration, night blindness, vision loss”, and BCD popped out. Last year, my diagnosis was confirmed by a DNA test. I have seen a dozen of ophthalmologists, in China, in Switzerland, and in the United States. None of them was able to tell me that I had BCD (until I told them). They are not to be blamed. It’s just a very rare disease. This is why we need to promote BCD awareness.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)