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You can save sight for tens of thousands of patients who are losing it to BCD

Our world is getting dimmer and blurrier, sending us to blindness, as Bietti’s Crystalline Dystrophy (BCD) progresses without any treatment available.

We are dedicated to raising awareness of BCD and advancing the treatment research and development of a promising gene therapy.

But we are losing more of our sight every day and this is a race against time.

Donations to Invincible Vision are being used to directly advance gene therapy, and any other promising treatment we discover along the way, giving hope to thousands of patients and their communities.

The potential BCD treatment developed by a determined patient

Among the treatment research and development for BCD, Reflection Biotechnologies’ gene therapy is the most advanced and promising one.

Richard Yang, BCD patient and founder and CEO of Reflection Biotechnologies, has worked relentlessly to advance this potential treatment while losing his sight. Hear from him about where we are regarding the progress of the gene therapy.

Developing gene therapy for treating BCD is not far from reality, but we need your help to do it.

Currently, there are over 50 clinical trials that utilize gene therapy for treating various ocular diseases.

BCD is a retinal degenerative disease. This gene therapy has shown significant rescue of retinal cell death in patient-specific retinal cells. To make BCD gene therapy treatment a reality, further funding and increasing awareness of BCD is essential.

Ways to Donate and Fund the Treatment

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Invincible Vision is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible in the U.S., please consider us when you’re planning your annual gifts.

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Where your donation goes

Our goal is to always have your donation support and advance the BCD treatment as much as possible.

Invincible Vision is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible in the U.S., and will be used to fund BCD-focused research, host BCD awareness campaigns, and further fundraising activities. ​

Invincible Vision is mostly supported by volunteer efforts at this moment. When administrative support is needed, as most of our volunteers are facing vision loss, we will apply for grants to cover the administrative costs before using any monetary donations from supporters like you.

On behalf of all BCD patients, thank you for your care and support! Everyone at Invincible Vision

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