We may be losing our sight, but we are holding onto our vision in this race against time. Join our global community dedicated to finding a cure for Bietti’s Crystalline Dystrophy (BCD).

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Bietti’s Crystalline Dystrophy (BCD) is a rare, often misdiagnosed genetic eye disease that causes blindness for 100,000 people globally. 

Right now, there is no proven treatment, but there is hope. With your help, we can push BCD gene therapy research from pre-clinical study to human clinical trial.

Our Priorities

Advance Treatment Development

Fund the ongoing gene therapy led by a patient, which shows promise for a treatment that would help halt the deteriorating sight for many and prevent thousands more from the experience of losing their sight to BCD. 

Potential Treatments
Potential Treatments
Hear from Richard
Hear from Richard
Support BCD Patients and Families

Join our BCD global community! You’re not alone, and together we are supporting each other in enjoying life and advancing a treatment.

Sign up for Live Calls
Sign up for Live Calls
Join the Community
Join the Community
Improve the Correct Diagnosis

BCD often goes misdiagnosed, taking years for patients to understand what is happening with their vision. Raise awareness of BCD with us so more patients can be correctly diagnosed.

Share Our Story
Share Our Story
Share Our BCD Flyer
Share Our BCD Flyer

And we need your help


Your donations are being used to directly advance this gene therapy, and any other promising treatment we discover along the way, giving hope to thousands of patients and their families. 

Join Our Global Effort

Join our BCD global community! You’re not alone, and together we are supporting each other in enjoying life and advancing a treatment.

Raise Awareness with Us

Follow us and share our posts. Together, we can reach more BCD patients and families. With more awareness and knowledge of BCD, more people can be correctly diagnosed. 

What is BCD?

Our world is getting dimmer and blurrier, sending us to blindness, as Bietti’s Crystalline Dystrophy (BCD) progresses. But the ongoing gene therapy offers hope to halt the deteriorating sight.

When we meet a person in life, we see:

When we go outside on a busy street, we see:

When the night comes, we see:

Bietti’s Crystalline Dystrophy (BCD)

How to Spot BCD?

Small yellow-white crystals are visible clinically in the retina and sometimes also in the cornea.

However, retinal crystals may not be obvious in early- or late-stage patients.

Crystals may not be obvious in early or late stages, but near-infrared imaging can enhance the detection of crystals
BCD is often misdiagnosed as RP or Stargardt disease. Use CYP4V2 gene test to diagnose or confirm BCD


Night blindness, distorted vision, photophobia

Impaired Visual Field & Visual Acuity

What advice would you give
to the newly diagnosed?
What is the state of
BCD gene therapy research?
How did you feel when you first connected with another person with BCD?

Who We Are

Invincible Vision is a non-profit organization and global community dedicated to finding a cure for BCD. Started by a small group of people touched by BCD, it has quickly grown to include more patients, families, and friends around the world who believe in the invincible vision that we can find a treatment together.

Latest News Section

  • In January 2023, Molly A. Robb joined Invincible Vision Advisory Board serving as the Strategic Advisor. She is a Partner at Calibre One specializing in the Healthcare and Life Sciences practice. For the past 20 years, Molly has worked with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms in helping place Board, CEO and C-suite positions into life sciences organizations that compete in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, diagnostics/tools and digital health/healthtech.
  • In January 2023, Invincible Vision invited Richard Yang, a BCD patient turned researcher, to share his latest research. He analyzes various forms of nontransparent science & its profound implications, not just for BCD, but potentially across all orphan drug development for other rare diseases. Learn more.
  • On December 12th, join us for another special event and meet the amazing author and speaker, Morten Bonde. This event is open to all. Whether you are experiencing vision loss or NOT, we hope you will be inspired and motivated to grow bigger than the obstacles presented in life. Read more and register here.
  • In June, we were honored to host a special event that is open to people who are on this journey of vision loss or blindness just like us, a live conversation with Dr. Mona Minkara.
  • At our April monthly call, we have participants (who are affected by BCD) joining us from 3 continents!
  • Invincible Vision and ReflectionBio Join Forces Ahead of World Rare Disease Day to raise awareness of BCD and fund a treatment. Read the press release.
  • Invincible Vision launches a new program for BCD patients and families. Join our live monthly support calls for patients and families.
  • Kicked off an Awareness Campaign in February 2021. Raise awareness with us by sharing our posts on our social media: FacebookInstagramTwitter, LinkedIn

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1 years ago

Invincible Vision
Non-transparency in rare disease research may affect the lives of 300 million people who live with at least one of 6,000 rare diseases worldwide.🌎 “Rare disease research is not always reviewed with scrutiny, leaving room for what I refer to as nontransparent science, which can obscure animal model flaws🐁, misguide medicine regulators and drug developers, delay or frustrate orphan drug development, or waste limited resources for rare disease research”, states Richard Yang, a blind patient suffering from BCD, a rare genetic eye disease.👁 Now turned researcher, Richard Yang, analyzes various forms of #NontransparentScience and its profound implications, not just as hurdles to developing gene therapy for #BCD, but potentially across #OrphanDrugDevelopment for other #RareDiseases, ultimately affecting patients’ quality of life. Read his article to learn more 👉 ojrd.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13023-022-02557-6 See MoreSee Less
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We may be losing our sight, but we are holding onto our vision. Help us advance the treatment today!