The things I feel that helped me to preserve my vision

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    In this topic, let’s discuss things we do, routines, exercises, or anything else we believe that helps us preserve our vision. Of course these may not be proven, but let’s just share our ideas.

    Ever since I was diagnosed with BCD, I started wearing polarized sunglasses much more frequently (some of us believe direct sunlight speeds up the deterioration process).

    Personally I also take the following vitamins daily (how effective they are? No idea, unfortunately):

    • Lutein & Zeaxanthin – I buy these at Costco, just good for general eyesight.
    • Vitamin E – My ophthalmologist recommended as a general “maybe it will help” – doesn’t hurt to try

    Thank you for sharing.


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    I don’t do any specific supplements or has a specific routine to recommend. However in general I am protecting my eyes within sunglasses whenever the Sun is shining (not that common in Denmark, though) and I stay physically strong and eat healthy. I do a lot of sports because I know that my body is able to take over when my eyes are failing. Creating muscle memory for how to act in different situations, has helped me a lot.
    Thanks for sharing.


    Things that hurt my eyes the most and seem to make my eyesight deteriorate faster:




    Coffee and coke (make my eyesight blurry).

    Things that seem to make my eyes feel better:

    Green tea;


    Lack of sleep;

    When I read (starting at the screen) for hours, I feel that I can read my easier. Probably I just train my brain better in that way.

    When I relax (or take a vacation) after days (or weeks) of hard work, my eyes become much worse: cannot read well, pain, and feeling of swelling.


    I found meditation helps me to see clearer and less shiny flashes. I was not sure about It at first but the effect has been consistent for the past year. I sure hope it lasts. 🙂


    Hi Goodday,

    What meditation helped you? Can you please share?

    Thank you,


    Thanks for asking! I uses some guided meditation created by a Tibetan master. There are two that I normally use. One is 40 minutes long and the other is 60 minutes long. It’s in Chinese, though.

    If you are interested, feel free to post to the private facebook patient group created and managed by some BCD patients  and we can discuss further. :)) Have a good day.

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