Patient Stories

Meet BCD Patients from all over the world here. Check out their videos and audio to hear their stories. You can also join the BCD community by registering on our forum here to chat with them.

Meet Laurel, a BCD patient from the US.

“What do I miss the most?”

Meet Rimple, a BCD patient from England and get to know her through her son’s eyes.

“How much my world has changed?”

Meet Mira, a BCD patient from Denmark

“My life and my world, living with BCD”

Follow her channel on YouTube: TheMinimuhhStory

Hear more from other BCD patients around the world

“Build Our Vision Forward”

Joe, a BCD patient from the U.S.

“I hope you don’t have to go through all of this.”

A BCD patient from UK

“Acceptance and Hope”

A BCD Patient from Germany

“It is really a painful process to see your loved one vision going downhill day by day”

A BCD patient’s family member in Singapore

“How my BCD progressed…”

Steve, a BCD patient from the U.S.

“Birlikten kuvvet doğar”

(English translation: “Power comes from Unity”)

Beyza, a BCD patient in Turkey

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