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    Hi guys,
    I will share a few tricks that I use getting around, since I am not using a cane or any other help yet. This is normally in the daylight, but I am also using it walking around when it’s dark, and I am not accompanied by a fresh pair of eyes.

    Most important:
    I have my routines that I follow. I would normally go to the same places for the groceries, to the same gym and so on. Which means that I know I know my way around and I am used to the surroundings.

    I don’t see them, especially not going down. It is much easier walking up the stairs. If you have the same issue, find the handle in the side, then stretch your arm out and read the stairs with your fingertips. Normally the stairs will start or end when the handle starts/ends/make a bend. Holding your arm stretched out, your fingertips will be reading one step ahead of you. Try this out on a stair that you know. And remember to bring some handsanitizee going out in the public. If this is a stair that you would normally pass, try to memorise how many steps there are for each section.
    If the light is right, you can also see the steps if you’re looking to the side where the steps are connecting to the wall. You might not be able to see where the steps are in front of you, but you can see it ‘drawn’ on the wall (hope this explanation makes Sense).

    Most pavements have those sections for blind people using a cane. I will simply walk on those sections, feeling with my feet where the path would show me Which direction to follow.

    going into a grocery store, use your nose and go for the brands that you know. For instance you can smell where to find the vegetables, the fruit, the bread, the diary and so on. If you’re not able to see the expiration date on the food, take the one in the back as those will normally be the fresh ones. Also feel the vegetables fruit and bread with your fingers; does it feel firm or fresh and smell it (but don’t be a weirdo smelling the strawberries for two minutes 😂)
    Go for the brands that you know.for instance if you need cereal look for the tiger on the Kelloggs Frosties. If you’re looking for a cereal product you will find it nearby the Frosties.

    I am considering making some videos, showing tips and tricks on how to get around with a vision impairment. Let me know here, if this has any interest.

    Finally, what do you do??
    Any good tricks to share??



    Thanks Mira.

    I also used to use my feet to feel what’s in front of me. Since I started cane training, I found the cane Seems to work better than my feet. Sadly, The training has been stopped by the pandemic. I am looking forward to continue it at some point.

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