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    Hi All!

    Thank you for inviting me to this community. I’m so grateful to be here.  I am here to understand and learn more about BCD so that I can help my loved to cope with his current situation.


    Hi, welcome and thanks for joining.
    Please feel free to ask any questions – also those subjects not yet discussed.


    It’s not easy to cope with your loved one which have diagnosed with BCD and in denial mode.  I feel so helpless most of the time and unsure what can I do to make him feel better.  Sometimes I wish that the person that gotten such disease would me not him.



    Thanks for inviting me here and developing the great website to spread awareness.

    Since there is no cure yet, I feel engaging more in physical activities (running, yoga) and trying to stay mentally healthy are the two things helping my loved one to delay progressing the disease.

    I hope to learn more about other patient’s experiences and thing they are doing to cope up with BCD.



    It is devastating to see your loved ones suffer, without being able to help them.

    When in denial, there is nothing you can do, the same goes for BCD. Unfortunately😔

    My best advice is for you to mentally prepare, to ‘catch’ him when he comes out of denial. To stay mentally and physically fit is essential! I also think encourage him to to sports and enjoy his most precious interests, will help him a lot. Maybe exploring new interests that does not require the perfect vision.

    Best wishes.


    Hi, I’m new one here. I’m Lily, a daughter of BCD patient.

    My English is not so good. So if I’ve said something improper, please let me know, thanks.

    I can’t agree with #Miukie any more. Your situation is as same as my mom, so I tried to be the mediator.

    Base on his psychology or the mood, it’s so hard for us to know whether he needs our help.

    I start to pay attention on which he is interested in and make more conversation with him to make him feel  not so lonely.

    Maybe this can give you a little help.


    This is such a long way for both patients and their family members.

    Fortunately, thanks to all who work so hard for BCD , we still have them and each other.

    Just keep working, and relax yourself as well.




    I am a patient, not a family member. My family does not even know this yet but some friends do, as well as my partner. I may also appear in denial to some of them as I rarely want to talk about it. The reality is that I am not in denial but I consciously make an effort not to think about it. Thinking about my condition can be overwhelming and I find it best just to deal with its impact and adjust day by day. I am still me regardless of my condition – nothing else in me changed. One of the reasons I fear to tell anyone is because I do not want people to see me differently, treat me with pity or feel sad for me. So the support I want from my loved ones is none – what I want is for them to focus on the rest of who I am, not my condition. People are different and may deal with this differently than I do but if I was to advise my own family how to help me, I would tell them to ignore my condition and focus on the other, more positive things in our lives.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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