News and Events – December 2021

  • On December 12th, join us for another special event and meet the amazing author and speaker, Morten Bonde. This event is open to all. Whether you are experiencing vision loss or NOT, we hope you will be inspired and motivated to grow bigger than the obstacles presented in life. Read more and register here.
  • In June, we were honored to host a special event that is open to people who are on this journey of vision loss or blindness just like us, a live conversation with Dr. Mona Minkara.
  • At our April monthly call, we have participants (who are affected by BCD) joining us from 3 continents!
  • Invincible Vision and ReflectionBio Join Forces Ahead of World Rare Disease Day to raise awareness of BCD and fund a treatment.
  • Invincible Vision launches a new program for BCD patients and families. Join our live monthly support calls for patients and families.
  • Kicked off an Awareness Campaign in February 2021. Raise awareness with us by sharing our posts on our social media: FacebookInstagramTwitter, LinkedIn
  • More doctors were added to the BCD global doctor list which now has more than 40 doctors.
  • Now you can make donations to Invincible Vision when you shop at Amazon at no extra cost to you:
  • A updated BCD flyer has been added to promote BCD awareness. Help us to share the knowledge!
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