News and Events – June 2021

  • In June, we are honored to host a special event that is open to people who are on this journey of vision loss or blindness just like us! Join us for a live conversation with Dr. Mona Minkara. Learn more and sign up here.
  • At our April monthly call, we have participants (who are affected by BCD) joining us from 3 continents!
  • Invincible Vision and ReflectionBio Join Forces Ahead of World Rare Disease Day to raise awareness of BCD and fund a treatment.
  • Invincible Vision launches a new program for BCD patients and families. Join our live monthly support calls for patients and families.
  • Kicked off an Awareness Campaign in February 2021. Raise awareness with us by sharing our posts on our social media: FacebookInstagramTwitter, LinkedIn
  • More doctors were added to the BCD global doctor list which now has more than 40 doctors.
  • Now you can make donations to Invincible Vision when you shop at Amazon at no extra cost to you:
  • A updated BCD flyer has been added to promote BCD awareness. Help us to share the knowledge!
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